My best sellers!

I am coming up on my one year anniversary as a Noonday Ambassador and I thought it would be fun to show you what my personal top sellers are!  I have kept track of each piece purchased from my website and at my trunk shows so I can see what pieces you all are loving! This helps me decide what pieces to buy in the future to be displayed at my shows!

I'll start with Bracelets because did you know...ya'll LOVE bracelets! I sell more bracelets than any other type of jewelry!

Next up is Necklaces!  You ladies LOVE your artillery from Ethiopia and gold from India!

You know what else I notice from this picture? I often pair the Monaco and Helena together and the Minted and Waterway together.  If I see someone try on one of these necklaces at my trunk shows, I quickly grab the other one and layer them on you...and guess what?...apparently you love it as much as I do! 
Bethe Rope $40, Metallic Pearls Necklace $34, Clustered Charm $22.50 {on sale, get it while you can!}, Helena Necklace $58, Monaco Necklace $50, Minted Necklace (20% off through Sept!), Two Coins Necklace $58, Emebet Necklace $42 and Waterway Necklace $48.

Also, an honorable mention goes to the Golden Rivers Necklace {$58} because it just came out in the new fall line a month ago and is almost in the ranks of being one of my top sellers! 

Now on to Earrings...by far and away the Metallic Pearl Earrings and Calypso Earrings are your favorites!! They are both great earrings that go with just about anything!

On to Scarves...Two scarves are clearly your favorite...

And finally, the bags.  Two clear leaders in this category as well! Ya'll love your leather! 

I am booking shows for the September, October, November and the first week of December! When you host a Noonday Collection trunk show, you are providing dignified jobs in vulnerable communities! If you want to say "YES" to being a world changer and hosting your own trunk show, Noonday will say "Thank You" by giving you FREE product and 1/2 off items! Contact me to book your trunk show today!


How to Style the Fall Line!

One of the comments I hear the most at my trunk shows are "I don't know what pieces to wear together." Ladies, I hear ya! I began wearing jewelry when I started with Noonday. So I've been learning right along with you!  A year into this Noonday journey and styling is so fun for me! I love putting pieces together and styling women at my trunk shows!  

Here are a few pieces I've been wearing lately, hopefully this will give you some inspiration!

What I have loved about the new Fall Line is that it pairs really well with pieces from past collections.  So in this post you will see pieces from the new fall line paired with pieces from the Spring Collection!

 Here, I've paired the new Firelight Necklace with the Calypso Earrings!  The Firelight is a fabulous statement piece!  It coordinates with just about any solid color and is so easy to throw on and easily look put together!! I added to it one of my most effortless arm parties...the Safari Stack Bracelets in Salmon, Aqua and Teal and the Glimmer Bracelet.  The color combination in this arm party goes with so many things!!

Safari Stack Bracelet, Salmon (all the Safari Stacks are also 20% off this month!)

The Mosaic Sunrise Necklace is a daintier piece and with its short length (it is also adjustable!) it is a great piece to layer with another longer piece.  I often pair it with the new Dauntless Necklace but this particular day I paired it with the Pathway Necklace, Leather Leaf Earrings, Festival Bracelets and Addis Bracelet.  Since my top had quite a bit going on in the pattern I chose to keep my bigger statement pieces more neutral. But then I used the navy in the Festival Bracelet to bring out the navy in my shirt.

This was one of my go to outfits I wore to trunk shows this spring.  The fuchsia in the Acai Rope Necklace popped off my striped shirts and I added in the Beaded Botanical Bracelet to draw in the pink from my necklace and the green from my pants.  The Minaret Earrings pair so beautifully with the Acai Rope Necklace! And to add a little extra fuchsia to my arm party I added in the Orchid Rope Bracelet.

I love gold. Like I really LOVE gold! Especially in the summer when I have a sun tan!  This is a super easy, quick combination that instantly made me feel glamorous when I put it on! I was also trying to distract from my sun tan lines! haha!  These are three of my best selling pieces, you just can't go wrong with them!!

Leather Leaf Earrings (yes, I really do wear these all the time! They are SO light weight!)

Speaking of summer, I love not being matchy matchy and this was one of my favorite not matchy matchy combos for the summer.  One thing I've learned to do with accessorizing is finding what color is opposite the color you are wearing on the color wheel and accessorizing in that color.  So to this yellow cardi and coral skirt I added the Adrift Necklace in Turquoise.  I love that it is a different color but accentuates the other colors I have, it doesn't get lost or look boring.  I paired it with the Diamond Drop Earrings, the Bengal Necaklace...which I wrapped up as a bracelet, the Lovebird and Meera Bracelets. My arm party tied in all three colors without overwhelming the outfit.

We had a week of cool weather and it had me dreaming of cozy knits and rich colors.  The Adrift Necklace in burgundy is light weight and is a great pop of color to a basic shirt. I have paired this necklace with all of my black striped shirts...it looks great on them all! And I love big earrings!  They are my thing.  If I wear no other jewelry, I have to have a fabulous pair of big earrings!  The Ombre Prism Earrings are just so so fun!  They are heavy so if you're ears can't take a lot of weight, these aren't for you.  But if they can...these are fab!! With the neutral colors they go with so many things!

While this isn't my favorite selfie, I like transparency. ;) Selfies are not my strong suit but I try.  Keeping with the cool fall we know is just around the corner, I wear this cardigan all the time.  Can you tell I like stripes?!  I will be honest tho, I don't like orange.  It's a stretch for me.  But I love bringing in the fall colors into this outfit.  It makes me want to sit down and eat a piece of pumpkin pie. ;)  The Terracota Rope Necklace is a great layering piece.  I've layered it with my most favorite Clustered Charm Necklace (it's on sale - grab it, you won't regret it!) and also this Fanned Fringe Necklace.  Arm parties are hard to wear here in the Midwest when we wear sleeves.  I'll often leave off bracelets but I do love the Baazar Bangles (comes as a set of 5!) coupled with the Raja Bangles.  Oh and what do you see there...those Leather Leaf Earrings...again! Have I convinced you yet that you need those earrings?! 

I'm going to leave you with my favorite selfie to date. Not because I look great but because I feel beautiful in this combo.  I love that it coordinates but isn't matchy matchy.  Remember how I said I love big earrings? Well, the Jaipur Earrings were a surprise favorite of mine.  It's hard to see in the picture but the inside of the earring is lined in these gorgeous deep purple beads. I will never ever let these earrings go.  I am in love.  If you have blonde or light brown hair, you need these.  Or if you wear your hair up, these are stunning! Get yours.now. They are not in the current look book but they are available online!
The Waterway and Minted Necklaces are a go to pairing for me.  Mint is one of those colors that goes with about everything!!! I also love the pop of color the Bengal Necklace makes in this pairing to pull out some of the yellow in my shirt.

Want to book a trunk show with me? September is a great time to do it! Noonday Collection is celebrating it's 5th Birthday with 20% off ALL pieces from Uganda!

AND if you place an order AT a trunk show you will get your choice of a FREE Funky Paper Bead Bracelet or Safari Stack, Aqua! AND if you place an order AT a trunk show OVER $125 you will get your choice of a FREE Jalia Ombre, Blue Necklace or Twilight Mukisa Necklace!

Contact me today to book your trunk show!


FLASH Sample Sale!

So apparently keeping up with two blogs is too difficult for me! haha! I have sorely been neglecting both of my blogs because the kids are home and I've been loving my summer with them instead of sitting on the computer.  BUT because I love you all, I am going to do a flash sale on a few items that aren't going to be carried over to the new Fall Line.  These prices are good until Sunday July 19th! Items will be mailed out next week.

To purchase, comment on this post with your e-mail address! Payment must be made within 24 hours or I will move on to the next person. Free local pick up at my home or $3 shipping ($6 if you purchase multiple items). All samples are in excellent used condition but void of Noonday warranty.  All sales are final.

Bengal Necklace $20 (orig. $42) - SOLD!
36.25" L
Handcrafted Metal Beads, Cotton Thread
made with love in {India}

Silk Road Clutch $35 (orig. $78) - SOLD!
12"W, 8"H, 42"L Removable StrapHand Embroidered Jacquard Fabric, Removable Tassel, Zip Closure, Poly Blend Liningmade with love in {Afghanistan}

Paper Jungle Necklace $30 (orig. $68)
38"L, Fringe 2"L

                                     Handcrafted Paper Beads, Seed Beads, Market Fabric

made with love in {Uganda}

Kinfolk Bag $50 (orig. $118)
11”W, 9”H, 2.25”D, 43.5"L StrapLeather, Woven Wool, Embroiderymade with love in {Peru}

Padma River Necklace $15 (orig. $32)
17"LHandcrafted Metal Beads, Cotton Threadmade with love in {India}

Resin Wood Bangle, Yellow $15 (orig. $32)
2.5" Diameter, 1.2"WWood, Resinmade with love in {India}

Golden Garden Necklace $20 (orig. $38)
24"L, Pendant 3.75"H, 3.5"WMixed Metalmade with love in {India}

Nomadic Necklace $25 (orig. $48) - SOLD!
36.5"LHandcrafted Metal Beads, Cotton Threadmade with love in {India}

Shine Necklace $35 (orig. $78) - SOLD!
22"LAcai, Tagua, and Pambil Seedmade with love in {Ecuador}

Julep Earrings $10 (orig. $30)
**the metal on the actual pair (not pictured) has oxidized on these so they look a bit tarnished**
2"LFaceted Glass Beads, Metal, Seed Beadsmade with love in {India}


Bracelet Sale!!

For the first time EVER Noonday is offering 20% off all regular priced bracelets this week! The sale ends Sunday so grab your favs quick!! www.mindyanliker.noondaycollection.com 

All these colorful arm parties make me ready for summer!


A Scarf as a Vest Tutorial!

Yesterday quite a few ladies asked me how to turn Noonday's new Concepcion Scarf into a vest so I put together this little picture tutorial!  http://www.mindyanliker.noondaycollection.com/scarves/concepcion-scarf

Other items pictured: 

My sister in law hosted a trunk show yesterday and we will keep it open for a few more days! If you want to place an order and put it toward her show make sure my name is selected as your ambassador at checkout and then manually type in "Janell Rinkenberger" as the trunk show name!

Happy Spring!!

It's here!!

The Spring Line is HERE!!! Go to my website to start shopping!!! www.mindyanliker.noondaycollection.com 


Spring Line Launch!

Noonday Collection's Spring Line launches TOMORROW!!!  Here is a sneak peek!!