My best sellers!

I am coming up on my one year anniversary as a Noonday Ambassador and I thought it would be fun to show you what my personal top sellers are!  I have kept track of each piece purchased from my website and at my trunk shows so I can see what pieces you all are loving! This helps me decide what pieces to buy in the future to be displayed at my shows!

I'll start with Bracelets because did you know...ya'll LOVE bracelets! I sell more bracelets than any other type of jewelry!

Next up is Necklaces!  You ladies LOVE your artillery from Ethiopia and gold from India!

You know what else I notice from this picture? I often pair the Monaco and Helena together and the Minted and Waterway together.  If I see someone try on one of these necklaces at my trunk shows, I quickly grab the other one and layer them on you...and guess what?...apparently you love it as much as I do! 
Bethe Rope $40, Metallic Pearls Necklace $34, Clustered Charm $22.50 {on sale, get it while you can!}, Helena Necklace $58, Monaco Necklace $50, Minted Necklace (20% off through Sept!), Two Coins Necklace $58, Emebet Necklace $42 and Waterway Necklace $48.

Also, an honorable mention goes to the Golden Rivers Necklace {$58} because it just came out in the new fall line a month ago and is almost in the ranks of being one of my top sellers! 

Now on to Earrings...by far and away the Metallic Pearl Earrings and Calypso Earrings are your favorites!! They are both great earrings that go with just about anything!

On to Scarves...Two scarves are clearly your favorite...

And finally, the bags.  Two clear leaders in this category as well! Ya'll love your leather! 

I am booking shows for the September, October, November and the first week of December! When you host a Noonday Collection trunk show, you are providing dignified jobs in vulnerable communities! If you want to say "YES" to being a world changer and hosting your own trunk show, Noonday will say "Thank You" by giving you FREE product and 1/2 off items! Contact me to book your trunk show today!

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